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creating a balanced home. HOW DOES YOUR HOME AFFECT YOUR HEALTH? learn how!

Step 1

Detox & Purify

The average home contains 500 to 1000 chemicals, many of which we are unable to see, smell, or taste. Indoor air is typically two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Reducing our exposure to indoor and outdoor toxins allows our body’s own detoxification system to function more efficiently.

Step 2

Your Home

When you harmonize your home it flows both visually and energetically. In interior design, this is achieved when all parts of the visual concept relate and complement one another; the entrance to the home will share design and material elements with the bedroom, the kitchen, the office, and the bathrooms.

Step 3


Most people strive to be organized in all facets of their lives, including their work and living space. But why is an organized environment important for emotional, mental and physical health? To put it simply: physical clutter in your space creates clutter in your mind.

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