Daniela Costantini-Dosch

Principal – Bark & Skins Design Inc. 

Daniela grew up in Oakville, Ontario, a small Canadian town with extraordinary architectural and cultural diversity. Her father, a stone mason by trade, and her mother, who loved to sew, nurtured her burgeoning creativity. At the age of eight, she began designing and sewing her own clothing. It was abundantly clear that her path was to be creative so it was a natural progression for Daniela to study fashion at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto, Ontario, and Interior Design at Sheridan College in Oakville.

With a diversified and distinct knowledge of fabrics, colors, and materials from her twenty plus years in the garment and footwear industry – along with more than eighteen years of traveling to Europe, Asia, and America – Daniela’s esthetic draws on a multitude of cultural influences and a love of all things natural.

But consistent health issues and a debilitating medical condition brought on by years of exposure to environmental toxins created an opportunity to seek another path, moving away from accepted but outmoded concepts of living. Today, Daniela embraces a lifestyle that includes meditation and healthy eating while keeping on the cutting edge of holistic alternatives, bringing wholeness and wellbeing to her life, her family, and her clients. Her awareness of how our environment affects our consciousness and overall physical health affords a singular quality to her work with Bark & Skins; her intuitive intelligence serves her desire to create the ideal space within each individual home.

Bark & Skins is a reflection of Daniela’s love of causal aesthetics and materials such as wood, leather, and metal. Her designs create airy and calming rooms infused with light. Each arrangement embodies her taste for layering and her love of the beach, modernism, industrialism and repurposing the old into something vibrant and new. No matter what style she is asked to invoke, each space is designed to feel cozy, unique to the client and evoke a feeling of peaceful harmony. Upon opening the door to a home designed by Daniela, the balance calls you in and embraces you with open arms. This flow, beauty and wellness is culminated through her commitment to the art of mindfulness.

What had begun out of a desire to create a healthy and holistic environment for her growing family, Bark & Skins now provides intuitive and integrated interior design. From small rehabs, to full remodels, and new builds, Daniela works closely with architects, engineers, and contractors to bring each client’s vision of an enchanting and nurturing home to life. Currently living in Manhattan Beach, California, Daniela enjoys a lifestyle of surf, sun, and all things mindful with her husband and two wonderful children.